Sri Smashanakali Temple in Bangalore

The Smashanakali Temple in the Burial Ground

When you type in “places of interest in Bangalore” or “Tourist attractions in Bangalore”, I bet that this temple will never pop up in Google search. Even I do not want to brand this place as tourist attractions as not many would like it. If you are a person who would like to explore and want to know some of the less heard traditions of Hinduism, you may think of giving a visit to Smashanakali Temple that is in the middle of burial ground in Lakshmipuram area of Bengaluru. 
Smashanakali Temple Lakshmipuram Burial Ground Bengaluru

During my first visit to this temple, I got surprised when I entered the cemetery even though somebody told me that the Smashanakali Temple is in the midst of the burial ground in Bengaluru, supposedly one of the biggest Hindu burial ground in the city.

Car parking wasn't an issue. As I got down, the first thing I noticed was a tall statue of a fierce full Goddess Kali. Adjacent to it was a small temple dedicated to the same god. Inside the temple was a face of the goddess decorated with silk saree. 
Lakshmipuram Burial Ground
Lakshmipuram Burial Ground Bangalore
The priest performing the rituals inside the temple was woman. She told the devotees to go round the sanctum Santorum three times and so we did. Just a step ahead and there I saw a statue of Goddess in the sleeping posture.

I heard it from somebody that in this temple evil-eye is warded off. I am not sure how true it is and a discussion about it is out of the scope of my imagination. You will couple of third-genders here who sell flowers and do other types of temple rituals, which is very interesting to observe.  
Kali Temple
Another view of Kali temple in the burial ground
I have seen a small temple structure in many Hindu burial grounds but not a full-fledged Kali temple like this one. However, the temple is not crowded like the one in the city centres. Nevertheless, I should say, for the temple in the burial ground, the amount of devotees I saw was comparatively more.