Shifting of Tipu Sultan’s Armoury

If you are re-visiting Srirangapatna and do not see Tipu Sultan’s armoury near the railway station, be surprised because you will find it 100 metres away from its actual location.

Say thanks to (or blame) the railway track doubling between Mysuru and Bengaluru that is already complete except for the 1.7 km stretch near the armoury. Once the experts move the armory little farther, the railway authorities will connect the pending track. This will speed up the train journey time between Mysuru and Bengaluru by 10-15 minutes.

Say thanks to latest technology (or is it disturbing the historical evidences?), a firm in US and India have joined hands to lift the Tipu’s Armoury and move it 100 metres farther.

The shifting team have dug about 12 feet and placed beams under the armoury. They will lift the armoury with the help of jacks, place it on iron rods, and move it to its new location (as I understood from the news reports). The time scheduled is 25th February and will be complete by 10th March 2017.

Source: TOI