Tipu Sultan’s Armoury - Photographs

Here is some photographs of Tipu Sultan’s armoury near Srirangapatna Railway Station. It looks like the armoury will see its new location in couple of days to make way for the new railway track. It seems to be a long pending project finally progressed.

Shifting of Tipu Sultan Armoury  

Tipu Sultan's armoury being shifted

The project site is a restricted area now and the security will not allow outsiders inside the project area. I captured the photographs via tiny hole from outside the compound. Thanks to a passer-by who advised me to photograph this way.

Train arriving at Srirangapatna Railway Station 

Tipu Sultan Armoury
Train approaching Srirangapatna railway station

Right now, the armoury is right in front of the railway stations. It is not going faraway but only 100 meters from its present location. Probably near the railway station itself.