Tipu Sultan’s Death Place

This is the place in Srirangapatna where the British army found Tipu Sultan martyred. 

Tipu Sultan Death Place
Tipu Sultan's Death Place - Srirangapatna, Karnataka State

During the month of May 1799, few astrologers advised Tipu Sultan that the day was inauspicious for him. Tipu inspected the fort, bathed and made offerings of money and cloths to the poor. He offered gifts and elephants to the priest and distributed a bag of oilseeds, oxen and money to some Brahmins.

Tipu Sultan reached Kalali Duddi, about 300 meters from Srirangapatna fort where he received the news about the death of his trusted officer, Syed Gaffar. He mounted on his horse and observed that the British army had already entered inside the fort and he could not go further.

Tipu fired from his gun and tried to enter the fort in vein. The British troops entered fort with ease and hoisted their flag in the fort. Bullet pierced through Tipu’s body, one in his right shoulder. Another bullet hit his horse “Tawoos” wounding it badly.

Raja Khan helped Tipu to get down from the horse but both of them fell down. Soldiers carried Tipu in a palanquin when a British soldier tried to snatch Tipu’s sword. Tipu hit the British soldier wounding him badly who in turn fired at Tipu.

Bowring states “Soon afterwards some European soldiers entered the gateway, one of whom attempted to take off his richly jewelled sword-belt, when Tipu, sorely wounded as we was, made a cut at the man, and wounded him in the knee. The enraged soldier levelled his musket and shot him in the head, causing instantaneous death”.

Major Allen’s eyewitness account - Later that evening, and with torch in hands, a search was conducted for Tipu or for his body. His body was finally recovered; it had four wounds, therein the body and on in the temple. Tipu’s horse was found shot, and then his palanquin, beneath which a slave had concealed himself; the slave pointed out his master’s body. [Tipu’s] course dark face was fixed in its last expression of fury and despair, and there was a bullet through his head – fired… by a common soldier who coveted his jewelled sword-belt.


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