Bangalore to Tirupur Dec 2017

We travelled to Tirupur to attend our cousin’s marriage. We went by road in our Maruti Swift car, covered 700 kms in two days.

Starting from Bengaluru 13/12/2017

We left our Bengaluru home at exactly 6 am. We reached Electronic City from Kammanahalli in about 30 minutes. Our average travel time to Tirupur was seven hours. It would have been more had we departed late due to gradual increase in the vehicular traffic.

Our highlights of the two days travel -

Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald's - Bengaluru - Salem Highway

We will never be lost in the Bangalore – Salem highway, thanks to the several restaurants there. We stopped at the Mc Donald’s to relieve ourselves from the accumulated water in our body. The staffs at Mc Donald’s keep their restrooms clean. We did buy burgers here as a courtesy.

Sri Saravana Bhavan 

Pongal at Sri Saravana Bavan
Pongal at Sri Saravana Bavan Restaurant - Bengaluru - Salem Highway 

I have visited the Sri Saravana Bhavan several times before. We make it a point to visit this restaurant whenever we pass by. The food here is awesome and the quality is good.

Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple 

Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri
Kalabairavar Temple Dharmapuri

The most powerful Kalabairavar Temple in Dharmapuri is popular among the residents. Even people from as far as Bengaluru and Mysuru visit this temple with great devotion.

Hotel Viswa’s Tirupur

Hotel Visvas Tirupur
Hotel Viswa's - Tirupur

Our check-in to the rooms in Hotel Viswas in Tirupur was hassle free. The rooms were pretty decent and comfortable for two guest. My brother booked the double bedroom for me.

Sri Avinashilingeshwarar Temple

Avinashi Temple
Sri Avinashilingeshwarar Temple, Avinashi

We got a chance to visit the historical temple of  Avinashi, Sri Avinashilingeshwarar Temple. This is a very interesting temple with rich history.

Khaderpet, Tirupur 

Going to Tirupur and not buying cloths there is like going to Tirupati and not eating laddu. We squeezed ourselves into the Khaderpet area and managed to shop for cloths.

Our temple visit and shopping happened in day two. We left to Bengaluru at about 5.20 pm and reached our destination by 12 am. Our travel time includes the time we spent for dinner in Star Biryani Restaurant.
Star Biryani
Star Biryani - Bengaluru - Salem Highway 
In Kalabairavar Temple at Dharmapuri, I got an opportunity to Photoshoot few people who were seeking alms. They were very interesting. I will be updating their photographs in a separate post. I may also review about Hotel Viswa in Tirupur and update some photographs of the two prominent temples were covered.

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