Devanahalli Fort Nov 2017

Find here the photos of Devanahalli Fort and some of the photographs captured in the surroundings including the birthplace of Tipu Sultan. There are some photographs of children residing within the fort area. I have some photographs of monkeys who were having gala time. At the end of this post, you will find the photos of Royal Enfield Bullet RE350 silver colour with the fort as the background.

Photographs from Devanahalli 

Devanahalli Fort
Fort Devanahalli - Nov-2017 (all photographs by Saravana Kumar Naidu)

Tipu Sultan Birthplace 

Tipu Sultan Birthplace
Birthplace of Tipu Sultan

The birthplace of Tipu Sultan is what you will come across while on the way to the Fort in Devanahalli. Tipu Sultan once ruled the Kingdom of Mysore. He was born on 10th Nov 1750 at Devanahalli at this place.

Devanahalli Fort 

The beautiful town of Devanahalli is about 35 kms from Bangalore. Mallabairegowda built the Fort in Devanahalli in 1501. For an in-depth article about Devanahalli Fort, I would suggest to you.

Devanahalli Fort Entrance
Devanahalli Fort Entrance - Nov-2017
This is the fort entrance. What you see is only half of the fort structure. I could not cover the full view of the fort due to space constraint.

Fort Devanahalli Entrace
Inside view of the fort entrace
This is the inside view of the fort entrance. The fort walls are on the either sides. However, the visitors can head towards the right to climb the fort.

Fort Devanahalli 2017
Clear path on Devanahalli Fort
It is a great experience to walk here. I could see few tourists with cameras. However, the footfalls seemed to be not impressive.

The Jumping Monkey

Monkey Jumping
The Jumping Monkey
The monkeys here are in abundance. Those you have monkey phobia should really avoid coming here or should accompany somebody to be in the safer side. Do not stare at the monkeys and avoid their attention.

view from inside the fort
view from inside the fort
I took this photograph from the end of the fort. I liked the view of the house from within the stone frame. Did you get what I meant?

Old House
Another view of old house from the fort
Another view of the old houses from the fort. Check out the small windows on the terrace of the house. These types of houses will easily dates back to 1950s.

Temples inside the Devanahalli Fort

Venugopalaswamy Temple 

Sri Sideshwaraswamy Temple

Sri Sideshwaraswamy Temple
Sri Sideshwaraswamy Temple

Chandramouleshwara Temple
Chandramouleshwara Temple
Chandramouleshwara Temple
Please do comment below if the temple names are mentioned incorrectly.

Teenage boy

candid smile
Candidly captured

dark and handsome
Dark and handsome
These children in the photographs volunteered to pose and were happy after seeing their photographs in my Canon D1200. Do not try to photographs them without their permission. Some of them may get offended.

Royal Enfield Bullet RE350

Bullet 350 Silver
Royal Enfield Bullet RE350 Silver facing the Fort
Royal Enfield India
Silver Bullet 350

If you are residing in Bengaluru or anywhere nearby, a motorcycle ride to the Devanahalli fort will be an awful experience if everything goes well. If you are riding here, ensure great caution on the road as the highway is prone to accidents.