Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple Dec 2017

The Kalabairavar Temple in Dharmapuri is the most powerful and most visited temple. According to the belief, to solve any work related issues, a devotee should pray to the Lord Kalabairavar who is the main deity here.

On a regular day, there are no many footfalls to the temple. However, during the special days, the temple is crowded so much that to have a glimpse of the lord in the sanctum is a herculean task.

Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple

Kalabairavar Temple
Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple Dec-2017
We make it a point to visit this temple while we travel in the Bangalore-Salem highway. This time, our visit was special as we got an opportunity to go inside the sanctum and see the decoration of more than two lakh rudraksha (Elaeocarpus ganitrus).  

Photographs captured at temple premises

Pumpkin Lamp
Lamps prepared out of pumpkin, coconut and lemon
Pumpkin Lamp
Preparing Pumpkin, Coconut and Lemon Lamps at Kalabairavar Temple

Kalabairavar Vahan (Dog)

Kalabairavar Vahan
Kalabairavar Vahan - Photos captured in Kalabairvar Temple, Dharmapuri
According to the temple staff, the rudraksha is going to be permanent there. The priest may allow a devotee inside the sanctum after him removing shirt and belt. The women can also go if they are wearing saree. Those wearing modern apparels are restricted inside the sanctum. However, they can still enter the temple. 

A devote should light a lamp in White Pumpkin, Coconut and Lemon and offer it to the Lord Kalabairavar in order to sort issues in life. These items are available in the temple premises at Rs 50/- per set.

The temple is within the city limits. The routes are easier to find and navigate in Google Maps – search for Dharmapuri Kalabairavar Temple.