Old theater building MG Road Bangaluru

Movie Tickets at Rs. 1.25 paise...

Hey guys, could you help me to know what was here in this building during the olden days. I captured these photographs next to a restaurant that was nearby to Kumble Circle, MG Road. The front of this building faced MG Road, and house a sweet shop. 

Old Theatre Bangalore
Was it a theater? Photo Loc: MG Road, Bengaluru - 20/04/2018

Several doors like in a movie hall 

Old Theatre Bangalore
I assume this to be a "old theater" now defunct
If you get parking space in MG Road, Bengaluru, you are lucky. If you don't get it then search for place like this... 

Vintage Latches

Vintage Latches
Vintage Locks
The above photographs is from one of the doors of the old building. Check out the vintage latches. Modern latches have become several times small than this. 

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