Panipuri from Village Supermarket

I went to the Village Supermarket in Wheeler Road Extension (Parallel to Hutchins Road) to buy just a seasoning for Pasta that we planned to prepare for today’s breakfast. I ended up buying two soaps and a readymade Panipuri (just puri, we got to prepare all the ingredients at home).

One question to you, have you ever gone to the supermarket and shopped for only what you listed out at home? I somehow find it difficult to come out of the supermarket just buying what I intended to buy.

My buying of Panipuri (puri) at the supermarket gave additional work to my wife who was already struggling to find out the best recipe for the white sauce pasta. She did find one and presented it to me for the breakfast. Well, I am not going comment about it just to be in the safer side.

Homemade Panipuri

Homemad Panipuri
Homemade Panipuri

As I returned from the office in the evening, the two packets of puri was intact at home. I had assumed that at least 75% of it would have been consumed. The guests at home loved the chats.

I was in fact right, the puri that I bought yesterday was already gulped and the one I saw was the fresh packets brought today.

Blame me, the Panipuri was the only item in my dinner menu. The preparation had come out well. The pani was awesome and all the ingredients that went into the puri were also good.

The 4P Panipuri (short review)

Ready made Panipuri

The 4P Panipuri pack weighs 100 grams (as shown in the cover) and costs Rs. 45 per pack (Apr-18, Bengaluru) and is unnecessarily bigger in size. I like golgoppas that fits into the mouth. The puri sagged as soon as the ingredients were pushed in. In total, it was a very uncomfortable affair.

The ingredients printed on the label were – Wheat flour, Semolina, Tapioca Starch, Maize Starch, Corn Flour, Potato Solids, Salt, Turmeric Powder and vegetable oil.

I am pretty sure, the Panipuri that the road side vendor sells wouldn’t be as hygiene as it is prepared at home. It is always good to experiment and excel even if it is food.