Sizzlers at Kobe in Garuda Mall

Sizzlers at Kobe in Garuda Mall, Bengaluru 

Here's beautiful photographs of Chicken and Lamb Sizzlers captured at Kobe in Garuda Mall, Bengaluru. 

Chicken Sizzler with Noodle (and loads of vegetables)

Chicken Sizzler with Noodle
Chicken Sizzler with Noodle and loads of vegetables
Some foods looks so tasty and they become irony. Personally I liked the above photograph of the Chicken Sizzler with Noodle. Check out the green bean, tomato, carats, cabbage, beans etc. The baked chicken lay in the bottom. We ordered for "Chicken Pick Combo" that costs Rs. 856/- plus GST - on 21/04/2018. 

Lamb Sizzler with Fried Rice (again with loads of vegetables)

Are you planning for Kobe and order the Lamb Sizzler with fried rice? The lamb pieces are inside. Count and tell me how many pieces they put in for you :-). (Just kidding, nothing serious)

The tasty Garlic Bread 

The garlic bread in the above photograph was a part of combos. They were so generous, they gave two pieces of Garlic bread. Total four for two combo orders!

Chicken Noodle Soup (Yummy it was)

Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup (Part of combo)
Something worth to tease the taste buds. I shouldn't lie, the chicken noodle soup was awesome. Have you ever tried rice broth? I mean, when you cook the rice in a open vessel, the left over water is actually drinkable. Little bit of salt to it, it's totally awesome.  

Hot Sizzler Brownie Ice-cream

Sizzler Brownie
Sizzler Brownie Ice-cream
The sizzler brownie was also part of the combo we ordered. Ma kasam, this was totally awesome. The kids really enjoyed it and I got a chance to taste it as well. 

Hot Sizzler Brownie Ice-Cream (melting)

Sizzler Brownies
Another photo of sizzler brownie
Another photo of sizzler brownie when the chocolate sauce is melting. Well the liquid ice cream was still enjoyable. 

Kobe Menu (clicked while waiting for my orders)

Kobe Sizzler Menu
Kobe Sizzler Menu

Coke and Mineral Water

Will I dare to snap these photographs if it was a olden days role camera? Thanks to my 16 GB card and Sony Alpha 5100. 
Diet Cokes & Mineral Water
Diet Cokes and Mineral Water

Chilli Flakes in a glass bottle

Chilli Flakes in a bottle
Chilli Flakes in a bottle

Kobe Sizzlers - Garuda Mall, Bengaluru

Kobe Sizzlers at Garuda Mall, Bengaluru
Hope the photographs were worth seeing. Do comment about the photograph you liked. If you are planning for Kobe, then good luck. 

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