Date Palm Fruit and Black Plums

This post has three photographs, of a person, the date palm fruit and black plums. 

I was travelling to Tirupati via Kolar road when I saw a small makeshift shop with tender coconuts hanging outside. I stopped by to energize myself with tender coconut water.

Man wearing Islamic cap

Islamic Cap

Black Plums (also known as Jamun fruit)

Black Plums

Date Palm Fruits

Date palm fruits

All photographs captured using Sony Alpha 5100 DSLR camera

A woman was chopping the coconuts while a middle-aged man wearing an Islamic cap stood looking at the vehicles on the highway. He was sober and looked not so happy for the reason only known to him. He cared nothing while I photographed him.

Apart from coconuts, the woman was selling date palm fruits and black plums. All the photographs in this post are from the same shop.

After drinking the tender coconut water, we moved on to our next destination, Tirupati. Check my next post for photographs of the deer from the Deer Park, Tirupati.