Deer Park Thirumala Tirupati

Deer Park at Thirumala Tirupati

As we descended the Thirumala hill, we came across a deer park and stopped to spend some time with the beautiful animal. There seemed to be no dedicated parking so it was little tedious to find the parking space for our car.

When I neared the deer park with my camera, a stag appeared in front of me in anticipation of food (I guess).

There were shops selling cucumber and other vegetables, not for human consumption, but for the deer’s.  I bought some cucumber and fed to the deer.

The animal was happy to pose after I gave them something to eat. I took many photographs of them but only few came out to be good. The park fencing has gaps big enough to put the camera lens inside and focus on the deer.

The Deer Shed 

Deer Park Thirumala

I pushed the camera lens into the fencing hole to capture these images.

Travelers feeding the deer

Deer Feeding

The devotees coming down from Thirumala stopped near the Deer park to feed the animal.

Little girl feeding the deer

Lakshitha Feeding Deer

The little girl happily feeding the deer is my daughter.

I wanted to spend more time the deer but could not as the traffic was piling up on the road. I had to hurry up to head to my next destination.