Masala Dosa at Mylari Restaurant, Nazarbad

Masala Dosa at Mylari Restaurant, Nazarbad

Where do I have breakfast in Mysore? Have it in “Mylari Restaurant.” Very simple answer isn’t it?

Mylari Masala Dosa 

Mylari Masala Dosa
Mouth watering "Mylari Masala Dosa"
The Mylari Masala Dosa melts like a butter from the tongue through the throat and finally gets the final job done in the stomach. That was too exaggerating. Nevertheless, you should try the breakfast in Mylari and you will understand what I am trying to convey. 

Many years ago, there was only one Mylari restaurant in Nazarbad area of Mysore. Later, it became two and now there are several of them. Their tastes are little similar and I swear by the original.

The restaurant operates in the mornings, from 7 am to 8 am or so, I suggest you come here as early as possible. There are two Mylari restaurants in the Nazarbad main road and both of them can accommodate less than 15 guests. I suppose one of the restaurants may have additional space in the upper floor.

Mylari Restaurant, Nazarbad, Mysuru

Mylari Hotel
Mylari Hotel, Nazarbad, Mysore
I came here at 8.30 am after visiting the St Philomena’s Church and the Kote Anjaneya Temple near KR Circle. 

You may consider visiting Chamundi Hills or the Mysore Zoo that are nearby. There are so many other places to visit in Mysore. Please read and comment your suggestions. Do you know any good restaurants in Mysore, connect and Let's add it here.