Bangalore to Mysore: McDonald’s stop

Bangalore to Mysore: McDonald’s stop

One big cup of coffee is all I want for a quick refresh and the McDonalds has the perfect blend. When I drive or ride to Mysore during winter or the rainy season, I prefer coffee instead of aerated drink. This burger joint on the highway happily replaces it for me. 

It was a non-stop ride from Decathlon until McDonalds that is in between Chennapatna and Maddur. I did think of an alternative place but could not decide on any and pulled the side stand at McDonalds. 

McDonald's Meal

McDonald's Meal
Meal at McDonald's

A chicken burger, a pack of French fries and a coffee was a perfect meal for the ride that came under my budget. 

When you ride solo, you are on your own. You have nobody to talk to apart from you. You talk to yourself, plan for yourself and spend for yourself at least for the next few hours until you reach your destination. 

Solo Rider

Solo Rider
I captured this photo and obviously it is not me
I was lost in my thoughts while eating the burger and fries. I was sipping coffee in between. One of the staffs came to me and asked, “How was the service, sir”, and I said “superb, no problem.” 

I have come to this franchise several times and nobody asked about the service to me. This time, one of them asked and did he think I was “India’s top blogger?” I know I am joking.  

Royal Enfield RE 350 at McDonald's Bengaluru Mysore road

Ride Solo Royal Enfield RE 350
Ride Solo - Royal Enfield RE 350
My next stop was in Mysore, the final destination. I had already planned what to do next day (Saturday) and that was awesome. 

This post is a part of my motorcycle diary and I have created a separate label “RIDE 001” for the list of interesting things I did during this solo ride to Mysore.