Kite Festival at Mysore Helipad 2018

Kite Festival at Mysore Helipad 2018

After spending some time in the Chamundi hill, I drove down to head to the Mysore Palace. Instead of taking the regular route, I decided to take the deviation towards the helipad. I had no idea what was waiting there. 

Mysore Kite Festival
Kite Festival Mysore

The Dasara Kite Festival  

The Lalitha Mahal Palace and the helipad is the spot that attracts every event organizers including the moviemakers. I saw the lights were lit up near the helipad and assumed some VIP has come or may be some movie shooting is happening. 
Carnival at Mysore Helipad
Carnival at Mysore Helipad
When enquired with the police officer, I got to know it was a Mysore Dasara Kite Flying Festival. I guess this is a annual celebration here. 

I did not see any kites flying though. It was already dark when I arrived here. However, the festival was still in full zoom. A local was playing some numbers and the crowd was cheering them. 
Mysore Band
Mysore's local band performing during Kite Festival
The children were having fun and the elders sat comfortably either on the chair or on the ground. I saw some of the crowd busy shopping for food. 
Event at Mysore Helipad
Children having fun in Mysore Helipad
The kite festival is a two days event and I was here on the first day (Saturday). I could not come here on Sunday as I returned to Bengaluru. 

I spent at least an hour near the helipad and headed towards the Mysore Palace. 

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