Photographs of Cactus from Lalbagh

Photographs of Cactus from Lalbagh

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens in Bengaluru is a place where one can find varieties of flowers and plants. When I went to Lalbagh for the first time, a decade ago, was surprised to see verities of flora I never saw before. I have been a regular visitor since then and have a collection of photographs from there. The Cactus is my all time favorite.

Cactus Images




A little bit about cactus

There are more than 1500 varieties of Cactus and all of them have the capabilities to store water in them. They can grow in wide range of shapes and sizes and in extremely hot and dry environments.

Can human consume cactus

The cactus is edible and the humans may have consumed cactus as a regular food. However, I am not sure if they do now and nobody offered me even once. A few varieties of Cactus could be useful as fodder to animals. 

Cactus as fences

I have seen farmers using cactus as a natural fences for their farmland. This, in fact, is a very cost effective way to keep stray animals away.

You may want to gather complete information about the cactus from Wikipedia. If you are tourist to Bengaluru and want to know why Bengaluru is popular as “Garden city”, visit Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

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