Ride to Chamundi Hills Mysore

Ride to Chamundi Hills Mysore

I had not taken my Royal Enfield Bullet 350 to the Chamundi Hills all the times when I rode to Mysuru. Therefore, I decided to ride to Chamundi hills and it was a wonderful decision. Unfortunately, I returned without visiting the temple as I spent enough time admiring the beautiful city of Mysore from the hill.

Here are some beautiful photographs from the Chamundi Hills, Mysore, all captured in Sony Alpha 5100.

Curvy road - Chamundi Hill

Chamundi Hill Road

Towards Lalithamahal Helipad from Chamundi Hills 

Helipad Road  Chamundi Hills

Mid Tower - Chamundi Hills Road

Chamundi Hill Mysore

View point through Binocular 

View point Binocular Chamundi Hills

Beautiful clouds - view from Chamundi Hills

Watching Cloud

I captured this photographs from the place earmarked for the “Aerial View of Mysore.” When you observe the photographs on the bottom left, you can find the cloud pattern resembling the “mother and child.” 

Full view of Chamundi Hills

I took this photographs somewhere near the “Karanji Lake” , Karnataka Police Bhavana to be precise. The photo is bright because I took it while going to the hill. 

I postponed my temple visit for some other day, came down the hill, and took a turn towards the Lalitha Mahal Palace road. It was too dark with no streetlights and one me. I was surprised to see a man jogging in the darkness. 

A carnival light showed up as I neared the helipad. The Mysoreans were celebrating the Dasara Kite Festival and its photographs are coming in the next post. 

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