The Mysore Palace Lights

The Mysore Palace Lights

I was sure the Mysore Palace Lights would be on. It is a Dasara season and a weekend too. What I was not sure about is the timings and when I passed through the palace road, I did not see any lights on. It was literally dark. For some reason, I took a turn near the Gun House, came back to the palace, and parked my bullet near the Tonga stand. I could see the lights flickering and finally the lights came on in full bloom.

Mysore Palace Photographs

Mysore Palace Lights
Mysore Palace with Lights On

Mysore Palace just before the lights went on

Palace Lights
People eagerly waiting for the palace lights to go ON

Another photo of Mysore Palace from far

The Mysore Palace
The Mysore Palace
The people who were standing near the gates watching the lights come on screamed in joy. It was one of the finest moments for me too. The only short come was that the gates closed for the public and I had to photograph the palace lights from little far. 

Putting the Mysore Palace on full light is expensive affair. The electricity bill goes in lakhs and so the palace lights goes off after few minutes.

Visiting the Mysore Palace was the last thing I did during the RIDE001. Next day, I started solo again to Bengaluru in my Royal Enfield Bullet. Hope you liked the photographs in here. This post is a part of my motorcycle diary.

Comment your suggestions and let me know your views. There is lot more to see in Mysore.