Vivekananda Circle Mysore

Vivekananda Circle Mysore 

When I was riding from Bangalore to Mysore , I received a news of my far relative expired due to massive heart attack. Next day, when I was on my way to Hebbal to pay my last respect, I took this photograph of Vivekananda Circle, Mysore at 6.45 am. (While waiting for the flower shop to open)

Vivekananda Circle Mysore (Camera: Sony A5100)

Vivekananda Circle Mysore
Vivekananda Circle Mysore - Aug-2018
I came here to buy garland but there were no shops opened yet. After a few minutes of wait, I drove farther where I bought a garland and proceeded to Hebbal. The Google map showed me the best route to Hebbal and I took the longest time to reach my destination.

Well, Vivekananda Circle is one of the noted landmarks in Mysuru.

I could not plan anything until evening when I decided to ride to Chamundi Hills. I have some interesting photographs of the beautiful hill and that of the helipad at the foot of the hill. See all of them that I explore during this Ride. If you are new to Mysore, there are some interesting places to visit.