Coronavirus: Shoaib Akhtar targets Chinese eating habits

Coronavirus: Shoaib Akhtar targets Chinese eating habits 

Shoaib Akhtar seems to be straight forward, he directly targeted the “Chinese eating habits” for the outbreak of deadly coronavirus. The former Pakistan pacer says that “Chinese people have put the world at stake” and he is really angry about it.
He blamed Chinese people for spreading coronavirus with their “hard to understand” eating habits and putting the whole world at the risk.

The entire world knows that deadly coronavirus was unknown before its outbreak in Wuhan, China in December 2019. Shoaib Akhtar seems to be the first person to be “publicly straight forward” in this matter. He is not beating around the bush but hitting the target directly for spreading the deadly virus.

In a video published in “ThePrint YouTube Channel” Shoaib Akhtar says “I don’t understand why you have to eat things like bats, drink their blood and urine and spread some virus across the globe.” He continues to say “I’m talking about the Chinese people. They have put the world at stake. I really don’t understand how can you eat bats, dogs, and cats. I’m really angry. The whole world is at risk now. The tourism industry has been hit, the economy is badly affected, and the whole world is going towards a lockdown,"

The cricketer later clarified that he was not against “the people of China” but the “law of animals” in the country.

"I’m not against the people of China but I’m against the law of animals. I understand this may be your culture but this is not benefitting you now, it is killing humanity. I’m not saying you boycott the Chinese but there has to be some law. You cannot go on an eat anything and everything," – Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar was disappointed because Pakistan Super League was not happening now and the foreign players had already left. He also showed his concerns about his neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh and India which is highly populated and is at high risk.

Now it’s time for Lijian Zhao to Tweet again about the “patient zero”. He had earlier said the US military was responsible for the spread of coronavirus. Lijian Zhao is a Deputy Chief of Mission in Pakistan and Shoaib Akhtar should keep a tab of his tweets.

First coronavirus traced back to Nov-19

Meanwhile, reported that the first known case of coronavirus is traced back to November 2019 in China. That’s more than a month doctors noted cases in Wuhan, China by the end of December 2019.

The doctors and scientists are trying to trace the virus back to where it originated to learn more about its spread. If doctors can find the earliest cases, they may be able to identify the animal host where the virus lurks. The scientists are continuing to study the virus and work on treatments, including a vaccine. A clinical trial of such a vaccine has already started recruiting volunteers.