Does eating chicken causes coronavirus?

Does eating chicken causes coronavirus? 

Yes, eating chicken causes coronavirus, if eaten raw, and if it was infected with the virus.
does chicken causes coronavirus

If you eat cooked chicken, like a normal person, you are unlikely to get infected. “The process of cooking chicken at high temperature cannot leave any virus alive.”

However, if a person infected with coronavirus touches your chicken and then you eat it, you will get it.

“Eating chicken causes coronavirus” is a fake news. This fake news cost Indian poultry industry 2 billion dollars every day and impacted twenty million poultry workers!

The Suguna Foods chairman said coronavirus ruined the poultry industry. I say the people who spread fake news ruined the poultry industry. Even otherwise, the economy is record down!

There was no single incident of any occurrence of coronavirus due to eating chicken has been reported anywhere in the country or the world.

According to WHO, coronavirus is transmitted through human contact and there has been no evidence of virus communicating from animals to humans or humans to animals.

So there is no specific evidence that coronavirus spreads through eating chicken or any meat for that matter. The virus will not survive in high temperature – GSG Ayyangar, FSSAI Chief.

Now the chicken price has gone done, leave it aside!

Image credit NYT