Casio W96 H Review India

Casio W96 H Battery Life is 10 Years

Buy a Casio W96 H wrist watch and wear it, it will show you time for 10 years. It will never stop at least until you make up your mind to buy a new one.

I liked one of the customer’s review – he said “Casio is Casio, there’s no doubt in it”. I agree, I’m too a diehard fan of Casio.

The Casio company is Japan based, they are known for electronic calculators, musical instruments and of course digital watches. Every single calculator in my office is of Casio!

Casio W96 H
Casio W96 H

Let’s check out what’s in Casio W96 H

The light weight Casio W96 H has some cool features:
  1. 10 years’ battery life
  2. Dual time
  3. LED light
  4. 50 meters’ water resistant
  5. Stop watch counter
  6. Split time
  7. Multi-function alarm 
  8. Hourly time signal

What customers say

The watch is so light and comfortable that one can wear it for the whole day. The digits are big enough for comfortable viewing and adjusting time and date is also easy. You can’t get a better watch under this price tag.

The Casio W96 H is not a children watch. It is certainly a watch for adults, especially youths!

This statement is very hard to believe, read on – This is amazing piece of machinery, light and sturdy and looks good it. I ordered three of them. The first one broke in my boxing class, I had never removed for 7 months, not even during shower. So I bought a new one and another one for my dad.

I have used the Casio W96 H before and it did last of 10 years. Unfortunately, the straps will last for 5-6 years only. Well guys, even 5-6 years is bang for the buck.

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