G-Shock watches are for outperformers

Did you know G-Shock means Gravitational Shock? The G-Shock watches are designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration.

There’s an interesting story behind the G-Shock watches. More than three decades ago, an engineer at Casio accidentally dropped a pocket watch gifted to him by his father and it broke. An idea got into his mind to design a watch that will never break.

The G-Shock was conceived as a wrist watch which would have triple 10 resistances, meaning it would have a 1) battery life of 10 years, 2) have a water resistance of 10 bar, and 3) could survive a fall of 10 meters.

Know G-Shock Watches

G-Shock Watches
Know G-Shock Watches

A team of three individuals code named “team tough” tested about 200 prototypes and yet did not achieve what they planned to achieve.

The Casio engineer happened to go to a playground where a rubber ball caught his attention. He discovered the center of the ball did not suffer the effects of the shock during a bounce on a rough surface. He planned to implement the rubber ball concept into the watch!

Finally, the team developed a watch using such concept and in 1983 the first G-Shock watch DW-5000C was launched.

Today the Casio G-Shock watches are worn by sports person, army personnel and those who indulge in outdoor activities.

Did you know that G-Shock holds a Guinness World Record Title?