Testing the G-Shock

Here’s some hardcore tests done with G-Shock models, the G-5600E and G-9000 (Mudman). The video is mind-blowing. While the G5600E undergoes a drop test, the G-9000 undergoes hammer test, piston test, vibration test, electric shock, ice and deep water tests. 

Apparently, the G-Shock watches that you saw in the video doesn’t cost a bomb.  

G-Shock G-5600E

G-Shock G5600 E
At the time of writing this post the G-Shock 5600E was trending at Rs. 4995/- at Amazon.in

G-Shock G-9000 Mudman

G-Shock G900 Mudman
G-Shock G9000

Do not miss the disclaimer in the video “test results are not guarantees of product quality. Test results are for models used and not necessarily to every G-Shock model.