Hey Guys,

Welcome to my blog, LuvBlr.BlogSpot.in, a repository of my photographs. Call me Kumar or SKN in short. I am from Bengaluru and blogging from there, about the images I capture and the places I explore. I intend to blog about varied topics with appropriate labels. Check out the labels as you read on, you may find something interesting.


Exploring Bengaluru is what you will find in most of the posts here. It is not about the “Ten things you should see in Bengaluru” or the “five best restaurants in Bengaluru.” All posts in this blog are about my first-hand experiences, some of them very intense and some quite normal.

Motor cycle rides

I am no way thinking about riding thousands of kilometres and get to the highest peak in India. I am not against it though. It is more fun to explore the unexplored within our surroundings, there are so many places to explore and feel. This blog is my “Motorcycle Diary”.