Hey people, welcome to the “Photograph Priority Blog.”

My name is “Kumar” and I am from Bengaluru.  I wanted a shortest name for my domain and the result was “www.luvblr.com.” The primary motive for this blog was to publish photographs that I capture during my travel. I knew only the photographs will not do much for the blog unless and until I put some words into the post. Writing about my experiences seemed to be a good idea.

When I say “Photograph Priority Blog”, I do not mean to say I am a professional photographer who runs a photography blog. I am an amateur photographer and will remain so because learning never seizes.

According to the experts, “Niche Blog” always does well and I believe in it. Even though there are different niches in photography, this blog’s primary niche is photography and secondary, I think, will be more of “Travel & Food.”

There is a contact form available for you, if in case you want to reach me. As of now, I am juggling between Mysuru and Bengaluru so you will find more of about these two cities. If you are a tourist, I have labels dedicated to you.

Interesting Labels